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VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite

The VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite for small and medium businesses (SMBs) is our “Plain Vanilla” offering with options that can be enabled to provide the most enhanced features. The base voice mail and automated attendant solution will facilitate all your communications needs. The VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite leverages the Linux operating system for its strong performance and reliability, in addition to minimizing overall costs. The VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite is the most cost-effective and full-featured unified communications solution on the market today and can be integrated with virtually any phone system.

Voice Mail with Auto Attendant (Flexible!)

The VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite’s Voice Mail is the most dynamic and feature-rich messaging solution designed to satisfy the most demanding power users. Subscribers and callers can stay in touch with each other from any place, at any time. The VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite’s Automated Attendant greets callers with a prerecorded message based on your organization’s time schedules e.g., weekends, after hours, holidays, inclement weather closures, etc. The endless flexibility allows your callers to be quickly and efficiently routed with minimal human intervention.

Advanced Features (Empower YOU!)

Unified Communications

Allows users to access their voice, fax, and Email messages in their Microsoft Exchange/Outlook client or any IMAP4 compliant Email server.


Users can listen to their own Email over the telephone. The user can then decide to save it, delete it, or forward it to a co-worker. The user can even record a voice message reply which will go back to the sender as a .WAV file Email attachment.

Desktop Call Control

Provides each LAN user with a screen-pop of options for every incoming call. The screen-pop shows the caller ID of the incoming call, and if it matches a telephone number in the user’s Email Contact List, it will show the caller’s name. The user can choose to take the call, transfer it to another extension, put the call on hold, or send the caller to voice mail.

Fax Server

Desktop Fax enables any LAN user to send any document from any application, maximizing user productivity. Any document that can be printed can be faxed out using the VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite fax ports. Fax Mail enables a caller to send a fax directly into a subscriber’s mailbox. When the subscribers access their mailbox (Local or Remote), they have the option of sending the fax to a fax machine, forwarding it to another subscriber, saving it or deleting it. Fax-On-Demand enables callers to request that documents be routed to their fax machine or unified communications inbox for viewing, independent of time zones, 24/7/365.

Web Administration

System Administration of the VoiceSupport™ Lx-Lite can take place on site or from a remote location. Any workstation connected to a network can access the user interface which provides menu driven choices for installing, configuring, and managing the voice mail system.

Standard Features

Voice Mail:

  • Web Administration
  • Mailbox Manager (PC-based voice mail management)
  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Date and Time Stamp
  • First Time Tutorial
  • Group Distribution
  • Multiple Message Notification Methods (Remote or Local)
  • Multiple Personal Greetings
  • Rewind, Pause, and Fast Forward
  • Volume Control
  • Special Delivery Options:
    • Future - Urgent
    • Private - Return Receipt
  • Programmable Security Code
  • Announcement Mailbox
  • Auto Forward
  • Auto Help Prompts
  • Confidential Message
  • Future Delivery Mailbox
  • Guest Mailbox
  • Make Call to Sender
  • Message Center Mailbox
  • Message Forwarding
  • Urgent Message
  • Personalized Mailbox Greeting
  • Up to 10,000 mailboxes
  • Minimum 3000 hours of voice storage

Automated Attendant:

  • Directory Dialing by first or last name
  • Numeric Directory Dialing
  • Multilingual Prompt Sets
  • Fax Detect and Route
  • Day, Night and Holiday Greetings
  • Call Announcing
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Parking/Paging
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Queuing
  • Caller ID Automatic Transfer
  • Flexible Answering
  • Answer Schedule Tables
  • Answer Schedule Override
  • Individual Trunk Greetings
  • Multiple Company Greetings
  • Single Digit Transfer
  • Subscriber Controlled:
    • Call Screening/Announcing
    • Message Notification
    • Security Code
    • Auto Forward
    • Auto Date and Time Stamp
    • Call Waiting
  • Flexible User Interfaces:
    • Menu Mode - (Numeric or mnemonic access)
  • Operator Assistance
  • Multiple Tenants

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Analog, Serial and Digital Integrations
  • Over 20 Printable Reports
  • Real Time Trace
  • Real Time Port Activity
  • Local and Remote Maintenance
  • Local Backup and Restore (LAN, CDRW or USB)
  • Archiving of System Files, Messages, Configuration Settings
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Remote Programming
  • Programmable Voice Prompts

Optional Packages

  • Unified Communications Expansion Seats
  • Call Control Expansion Seats
  • Fax Server (Desktop Fax, Fax Mail, Fax On Demand)
  • Text-to-Speech
  • Hospitality/Property Management System Integration
  • Networking (AMIS)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • 3U 19 inch rack mount chassis
  • Email Integration Protocols:
    • SMTP/IMAP4
    • SMTP/POP3
    • Microsoft Exchange via IMAP4
    • Supports Microsoft Outlook 98/2000/2002/2003 Email clients


  • Motherboard: Intel
  • CPU: Intel Pentium P4
  • Voice/Fax Card: Intel Dialogic
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Hard Drive: 40 GB or greater
  • OS: Linux
  • CD R/W: 52x32x52
  • Enclosure: Desktop (see optional 19" rack)

Warranty Information

  • Standard - One year warranty
  • Optional (Silver) - Extended to two years, parts and labor
  • Optional (Gold) - Extended to three years, parts and labor

Subject to manufacturer’s approval, warranties may be extended within 90 days of expiration to optional silver or gold plans.